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Chapter 10 


TNT and torpex charge weight, probable causes and origin
of the Port Chicago explosion.

Chapter 10

"'The investigator's problem is to decide which of the two documentary records presents the true position of the railroad cars upon the pier at the time of the explosion. Because this investigation of the Port Chicago explosion is principally directed to elucidate the role of the Manhattan Project Los Alamos Laboratories in the Port Chicago explosion the records available in the Archives of Los Alamos National Laboratory that describe the position of the railroad cars on the Port Chicago Magazine pier at the time of the explosion will be taken as valid-except one important error in that Los Alamos record that will be described."

Photo Credit
Explosive material on pier and on board S.S. "Bryan" prior to detonation on 17 July 1944 at U.S. Naval Magazine, Port Chicago, California. Source: Prepared by Naval Ammunition Depot, Mare Island (NAD No. 83044-1),
U.S. National Archives, Pacific Sierra Region, Record Group 181, 12th Naval District Commandant's Office, General Correspondence Series, 1946. Available at: http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq80-4b3.jpg