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Chapter 11

Manhattan Project U235 production data, 1943-1945

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"' This note is the only certain evidence so far discovered that J. Robert Oppenheimer was personally involved in review and analysis of scientific reports descriptive of the Port Chicago explosion. Twenty-two years of investigation into the Port Chicago explosion have produced tantalizing evidences of several as yet undiscovered Government reports and analyses that pertain to the explosion. One of those evidences is recognition that the copy of John Burchard's Port Chicago explosion report held by Los Alamos Archives was, at some later date, transmitted as "Enclosure (F)" of an undiscovered report. Demonstrably that undiscovered report to which Burchard's report was made enclosure "Enclosure (F)" originated at Los Alamos."

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"This seems a lot rougher than,
but not inconsistent with,
what our people reported & concluded -
J. Robert Oppenheimer, 26 August 1944 comment on John E. Burchard's Damage Survey at Port Chicago, California.
Los Alamos National Laboratory Archives, Collection A-84-019, Series 5, 319.1 Port Chicago Disaster Reports, 7/17/44 - 11/16/44 & undated (Folder 29-1) [Formerly Folder 37-6]