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Chapter 15

The 3 Horsemen, and Corruption of the Port Chicago Navy Court of Inquiry.

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Chadwick, Lawrence, and Urey"I first learned from James Conant's letter of 27 July 1944 to Oppenheimer that some unidentified Nobel Prize winners had visited Los Alamos precisely at the time the first Los Alamos reports and analyses of the Port Chicago explosion had been available, but Conant's letter to Oppenheimer does not identify those Nobel Laureates.

A close reading of the General's office logbooks, which are held by the National Archives at College Park, Maryland, first discloses that on 10 July 1944 at 11:00 A.M. in Washington, "Gen. Groves held a telephone conversation with Dr. Oppenheimer at Los Alamos. Gen. Groves to talk to JBC [James Bryant Conant] and RCT [Richard Chace Tolman] re: 3 horsemen's visit." On 12 July 1944 at 10:45 A.M. the General's office log reports, "Gen. Groves called Dr. Oppenheimer, Santa Fe, N.M. re: visit of 3 horsemen to Y. To arrive July 31st and department August 3rd. Gen. Groves to send written invitations to all three.""

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Composite of three Nobel Laureates in Science: Sir James Chadwick: 1935 prize for discovery of the Neutron, Ernest O. Lawrence: 1939 prize for invention and development of the Cyclotron and Harold Urey: 1934 prize for discovery of the deuterium isotope of hydrogen (H2)
Source: National Archives