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Chapter 4 

NMERDI, Edward Teller, Men and Boys

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Edward Teller with the "History" document"By the time the state legislature created the New Mexico Energy Research and Development Institute (NMERDI) I was acquainted with most of the men at the state's institutions of higher learning who were principal investigators of the projects funded by the energy research program; a number of those men during the war had been Manhattan Project scientists at Los Alamos. All those former Los Alamos scientists to whom I showed the "History" between May and August of 1980 were intrigued by the reference that document makes to Port Chicago and fascinated that a document had ever gotten out of Los Alamos that provides so much detail about the design and effects of the explosion of an atomic bomb, but none of them knew the name Port Chicago. They agreed, however, that Edward Teller, the "Father of the H-bomb," would certainly be able to identify Port Chicago and say what that reference in the document signified."

Photo Credit
Edward Teller holding the "History of 10,000 Ton Gadget" document
Source: Peter Vogel - August 27, 1980