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Chapter 5

"History of 10,000 Ton Gadget":
The Authors and the Bomb it describes

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National leaders in atomic program"The "History of 10,000 ton gadget" is the most comprehensive mathematical description of the progression of the explosion of a World War II atomic bomb that the public will ever see. The "History of 10,000 ton gadget" is a technical document that provides a complex mathematical model of the detonation and anticipated physical effects of the atomic bomb proof-fired at Trinity site in New Mexico 16 July 1945. That bomb design, with combat modifications, was detonated at Nagasaki 9 August 1945. The energy of the weapon described by the "History" is equivalent to 10,000 tons of TNT (10 kilotons, or abbreviated as 10 kt). The document mathematically models a "nominal" 10 kt atomic bomb explosion."

Photo Credit
Source: U.S. National Archives. August 1945
Tinian Island, South Pacific. Left to right: Captain William Sterling Parsons, USN, 1901-1953, Associate Director Manhattan Project Los Alamos Laboratories; bomb commander, Hiroshima combat bombing mission. Rear Admiral William R. Purnell, USN, Navy member Atomic Bomb Military Policy Committee. Brigadier General Thomas Farrell, USA, Administrative Deputy Director Manhattan Project.