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Appendix A

Document Transcriptions:
The liquid thermal diffusion uranium isotope separation method.

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"Pursuant to attached letter of June 3 from Gen. Groves, JBC and W. K. L. [Warren K. Lewis] Discussed with E. O. L. & the top [Oak Ridge] Tennessee people the relation of the NRL process (later to be called the Abelson-Gunn process) to the electromagnetic process. It was agreed that the use of the expanded Phila. [Philadelphia] plant to produce 0.70% feed was of first importance and by itself would increase the output before July 1, 1945 appreciably. The question was also raised of building a NRL plant to operate on the [boiler] house of the [gaseous] diffusion plant at Tennessee. It was pointed out that for small enrichment this process was economical but for large enrichment almost impossible because of coal consumption and long hold-up time. it was recommended to Gen. Groves that a plant be built at Tennessee to feed in the electromagnetic plant enriched material thereby perhaps doubling the output of providing insurance against failure of the [gaseous] diffusion plant to come in on time."

1944, July 27
Manuscript of James Conant, "Historical note on introduction of the Abelson-Gunn process."

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"Curves give the anticipated possible production of the Navy plant, with the 100 tubes connected in parallel, based on the data presented in Columbia Report No. 4-R-104 for tubes and operating conditions at NRL most nearly comparable to those to be used at Philadelphia."
National Archives.
Attached to 1944, June 3 Memorandum of Mssrs. W. K. Lewis, E. V. Murphree and R. C. Tolman to Major General L. R. Groves. SECRET.
Subject: Possible Utilization of Navy Pilot Thermal Diffusion Plant